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Fast Track Auto and Tire Centers offer service on cars and small trucks while you wait. Our technicians take care of all regular maintenance as well as minor repairs such as: tires, brakes, oil and filter, battery and vehicle alignment. Thanks to our bay windows, you can keep an eye on everything our technicians do to your vehicle. In all Fast Track Centers, no appointment is required. You can introduce yourself at any time.






Balance sheet of the vehicle
Experienced technicians from your local Fast Track Center will inspect your vehicle's key components and systems from front to back. They will then give you a report of the vehicle that will help you to adequately meet the maintenance needs of your car or truck.


Whether you're looking for great value on a brand new set of tires for your vehicle or truck, or want quick tire inspection and rotation, the Fast Track and Tire Centers are the perfect ideal place. When it comes to your tires, our experienced technicians know all the ins and outs and have the perfect replacement tires in stock. Choose from 13 national brands.

Oil change and essential maintenance services
Changing your vehicle's oil and filter at your local Fast Track Center helps keep your engine clean and well lubricated so it runs more efficiently. Our experienced technicians offer superior quality oil and Motorcraft® brand filters that are perfect for your vehicle. Use them together and this can only help improve your gas mileage and increase the life expectancy of your vehicle.


Brake service
Your brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle, but it's not because your car is shut down that they are working at their best. In order to stop your car or truck safely, the brakes are designed for slow wear. That's why regular maintenance of your braking system is so important. Visit your local Fast Track Center for fast service and we'll make sure your vehicle stops every time. In addition, we offer high quality brake products and Motorcraft® brand brake fluids.


An old car battery can stop at any time. If you are unsure about the level of wear and tear on your battery, stop at your local Fast Track Center for a battery test. We will see if she is ready to face another season. In addition, if you need to change it, we keep Motorcraft® brand batteries in stock that are perfect for your vehicle.


Belts and hoses
Wear or breakage of belts and hoses are two of the most common causes of vehicle failure. Visit your local Expressway Center and our experienced technicians will check belt wear or inspect the hoses to make sure there are no breaks. In addition, we have a wide selection of quality replacement belts and hoses such as the renowned Motorcraft® brand.


Wiper blades
Good visibility is essential when it is raining or snowing heavily. It is in these moments that the performance of your windshield wiper blades becomes critical. If you start seeing streaks or tracks when you use your wipers or if they crack or fray, it's time to replace them. Visit your local Fast Track Center and let us inspect your brooms. If you really need to replace them, we stock several quality brands, such as Motorcraft®. We will install them while you wait and fill even your washer fluid.


Headlights and bulbs
A burned headlight affects your visibility and a burned backlight affects your ability to communicate with the drivers of the vehicles behind you. That's why burned headlights and bulbs can cause you to get a ticket. Head to your local Fast Track Center for quick replacement of your headlights, taillights or any other bulb in the cabin. We have in stock the spare parts that are perfect for your vehicle. And since you're already there, you can ask our experienced technicians for a complete results sheet to find out about the maintenance needs of your vehicle.

Alternators and electrical system
While your engine is running, the alternator provides power to the systems and recharges the battery. The advanced electric system found in today's vehicles requires a complex system of wires, cables, fuses and more. The experienced technicians at your local Fast Track Center are experts in the field and know the complexity of these systems. Visit us to get a diagnosis of the electrical system performance of your vehicle and make sure it is running at full capacity.


Rough roads and potholes can misalign your vehicle causing it to move to the left or right instead of driving in a straight line. This can cause uneven tire wear and reduce the distance that can be traveled with a full load. If you notice this problem with your vehicle, stop at your local Expressway Center for a professional to take a test drive and wheel alignment of your vehicle. Certified center technicians will be able to restore alignment, improving road handling and helping your vehicle run at its best.

The transmission of your vehicle is a key element in the proper functioning of your vehicle. If the transmission fluids are worn and contaminated, this can lead to costly damage. And if the transmission filter is dirty, your engine will not be able to make gear changes effectively. Whether you're driving a vehicle equipped with an automatic or manual transmission, the auto service experts at your local Fast Track Center have the experience to perform any maintenance your transmission may require no matter if it's a simple verification or a complete interview.


Suspension and direction
These components do more than just provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable ride - they work together to ensure the safest handling of your car or truck. A properly maintained steering wheel and steering mechanism keep you in control, and the suspension system - shock absorbers and struts, coil springs and everything that connects the components - supports the weight of the vehicle itself and helps the tires to better adhere to the road. Visit your local Expressway Center and have your vehicle expert to make sure your systems are working properly.


Why is the cooling system important?
The climatic conditions and the use of a vehicle in general have a direct impact on said vehicle. A faulty cooling system can lead to overheating and damage to the radiator. Visit your local Expressway Center and ask automotive experts to inspect and replace worn or damaged parts of your cooling system. You will leave with peace of mind knowing that your engine will be protected at all times, both in hot and cold weather.




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